Sweet New Year

custom table pads - holiday foods - challah - dates - honeyHomemade braided challah dipped in honey – a deliciously, sticky way to welcome the New Year! Sweet apples and dates are paired with locally sourced honey. All these foods are part of the holiday tradition and a wonderful celebration of the season. Custom table pads from Superior is another familiar holiday tradition.

White Gazpacho Soup

We were delighted to be introduced to this delicious soup, originally from the Andalusian region of Spain. Naturally, our hosts had Superior Table Pads under the cloth! Guests passed the soup tureen and water pitcher as well as beautiful dishes of garnishes. Everything could be easily set back down on the table without worrying about multiple trivets. This ease of serving made for a relaxed and enjoyable evening for guests and hosts alike.

White gazpacho soup in blue bowl

Favorite Pasta Recipe

Courtesy of a foodie friend – this quick and easy recipe never disappoints.  It’s one of our most favorite meals. Spread out your farmers market finds and choose the juiciest tomatoes.  No worries about stains or spills during food prep and serving with table pads on your kitchen and dining tables.Pasta Recipe with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil