Fall table decorations


Fall table decorations are everywhere: Farmer’s markets and supermarkets are full of fall’s bounty right now. I love seeing the baskets of pretty, little pie pumpkins and crates of larger pumpkins just waiting to become outdoor jack o’ lanterns. There are gourds of all shapes and sizes and colorful dried corn, not to mention mouth-watering apples. Any of these will look terrific on the table at home.

Another great idea for fall table decorations are dried flowers. These are so easy to display and last all season.

I like to put my table pads on the table along with a brightly colored runner. That way I can display this week’s fabulous fruit and flowers without damage to the table surface. Keep these same fruits and flowers out for simple, yet elegant seasonal centerpieces when you set your table for guests.

Happy fall entertaining!

Fall table decorating