How to choose tablecloths

Tips for choosing tablecloths
Tablecloths are a quick and easy way to add a festive touch to a holiday meal. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect tablecloth that you’ll enjoy using year after year:

Measure your table to double check the length and width. If you plan to use the tablecloth with leaves in the table, be sure to include those in the length measurement. You will also need to calculate the “drop” which is the measurement of the distance the tablecloth will extend from the table surface towards the floor or towards your knees when seated at the table. The drop is generally from 8 – 12 inches depending on personal preference. To calculate your final tablecloth measurements, add twice the drop to both length and width.

Fine linen tablecloths are the height of elegance and beauty. They are often family heirlooms passed down from mother to daughter and used for special occasions. Because there isn’t always time to wash and iron delicate linens these days, cotton/linen or cotton/polyester blends are excellent moderate care substitutes. Polyester table cloths are a no-iron easy care choice but may have a much less appealing synthetic look and feel. When selecting a tablecloth, you will need to balance appearance and feel against care requirements. Cost will be a factor too. Linen will be more costly than blends or polyester.

Decide whether you prefer a plain or patterned fabric and whether a single color or multi-color fabric is best for you. Think about how the color or design will look with your plates, serving pieces or china pattern. White or cream will go with almost anything and can be used at any time of year. Bold, seasonal colors and patterns can also look terrific if they also work with the rest of your decor in the room. Trust your instincts!

Tablecloths come in standard sizes or can be custom made. Although many traditional retail stores carry standard sizes in synthetic tablecloths, there is a much wider variety available in all fabrics online. Order custom made tablecloths online or make it a DIY project with material from your local fabric store.

Plan ahead for the holidays and enjoy decorating your table!

Sweet New Year

custom table pads - holiday foods - challah - dates - honeyHomemade braided challah dipped in honey – a deliciously, sticky way to welcome the New Year! Sweet apples and dates are paired with locally sourced honey. All these foods are part of the holiday tradition and a wonderful celebration of the season. Custom table pads from Superior is another familiar holiday tradition.

Favorite Pasta Recipe

Courtesy of a foodie friend – this quick and easy recipe never disappoints.  It’s one of our most favorite meals. Spread out your farmers market finds and choose the juiciest tomatoes.  No worries about stains or spills during food prep and serving with table pads on your kitchen and dining tables.Pasta Recipe with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil