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Victoria Table Pad

The Victoria is our most popular table pad. It is approximately 1/2” thick. Choose from 16 colors for the vinyl top and 5 colors for the soft, velvet-like duravel fabric base. Cloth Locks are included. Sturdy Pad Locks are optional

Athena Table Pad

The Athena is our designer-grade table pad. It is approximately 9/16” thick. Choose from 30 colors including premium vinyls for the top and 8 colors in either duravel or suede-like cloth base. Sturdy Pad Locks are included.

Econo Table Pad

The Econo is our choice for the budget-minded. It is approximately 3/8” thick The Econo comes only in green vinyl for the top and green duravel for the base. No other colors are available in this closeout offer. Sturdy Pad Locks are optional.

Table Pads

Custom Table Pads

A Superior Table Pad will protect your table from unforeseen accidents. With a custom made table pad you can be sure to save your table for future generations.

Table pads are perfect for young families, professional households, and grandparents. Now you can use your table for informal dining as well as for games, crafts, homework or computers. Get a Price Quote

Table Pads

Your mother knows best:
Dining room table pads
protect from sticky spills,
scratches and stains.






Table Pads

Enjoy celebrations together
Relax while Superior Table Pads
keep your table safe.

Custom covers match the
shape and color of your table.
Check us out today!

Buffet Server Table Pad

Protect your buffet or server

Buffet table pads are the answer for expanding your off-table serving space. Remember, your beautiful sideboard or buffet server is not just for storing china and silverware, it´s also designed to be a working surface for entertaining. With buffet table pads on your sideboard, the wood surface is well protected from spills. No more running back and forth to the kitchen to refill plates. Your guests can help themselves without more serving dishes on a crowded table. Use your buffet for desserts and coffee after the meal so that guests can easily come back for more. Your sideboard has plenty of space for cake stands and sandwich platters, making it the perfect serving surface for special gatherings like showers, teas and graduation celebrations. With buffet table pads well matched to the color of the wood, your guests will have eyes only for your beautiful china and delicious food!

Custom Table Pads

Superior protection for your treasured dining table

Secret to entertaining? Keeping your cool. When it comes to holiday dinner parties, you´ll want to enjoy yourself along with your guests. Don´t let a spill spoil your evening. With table pads under the tablecloth, your gorgeous table will stay safe from spills, scratches and heat stains. Table pads are made as a set of two pieces for the main table with extra pieces for the leaves or extender boards. This table has rounded ends and the pads are custom made to fit the shape exactly. Above: Athena style table pads with the top vinyl in Saddle and the base in Ebony suede cloth. Don´t let moisture from a chilled wine bottle stain your table´s beautiful finish. Bottle openers and other serving utensils can easily scratch your table. Serve hot soup or casseroles right at the table without worrying about heat stains or spills. Entertain without fear with Superior Table Pads on the table. Order Now

Beautiful Protection for All of Your Dining Surfaces

It's no secret that dining room tables are prone to scratches, dents, heat damage and water damage, but table cloths can be a hassle and flimsy plastic coverings can look downright ugly! Superior Table Pads will efficiently protect your dining surfaces without sacrificing your dècor and they're available in any size or shape. Whether you're in need of protective table pads that are square, oval, rectangular, round or any other shape, we have the ideal solution for you.

Customize Your Dining Pad

By filling in your table's exact dimensions, we can create custom table pads that will seamlessly fit even the most non-traditionally sized surfaces. We also offer a wide range of color choices on all of our dining room table pads to ensure there's something for every color scheme. Our wood grain table top pads are designed to create an "invisible look", meaning your guests won't even know table protection is in place!

Your Investment is Our Priority

Our dining table pads have allowed our customers to protect their furniture for decades. Offering superior heat protection and waterproof vinyl tops, they're ideal for surfaces ranging from dining tables and buffets to sideboards and servers. Our round table pads are perfect for those looking to protect any size round dining table or end table. Accidents can and will happen, so ensure that your dining set is well protected with our high quality table top pads.

Our Selection

Check out our wide selection of table protectors and dining table covers right here on our website. Remember, we hand craft all of our custom covers for dining tables to ensure quality in both materials and construction!



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* The maximum length per piece is 39"

* Oversize charges apply to any piece larger than 60" wide

* No leaves only must purchase at least 2 pieces for main table

* Extra $15.00 for Victoria or Athena only