Protect your treasured dining table with custom handcrafted table pads from Superior Table Pad.   Your Mother Knew Best !

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How should I measure the width of my table?
Measure the table along the center crack where the leaf goes. You should measure the top flat surface of your table. Do not include the bevel in your measurements. This will also be the long dimension of your leaves.
How should I measure the length of my table?
Measure the total length of your table from one end to the other without any leaves included. You should measure the top flat surface of your table. Do not include the bevel in your measurements.
What if my table shape is not listed?
Just choose oval for the shape and that will mark your order as requiring a pattern. Then take a pattern of 1/2 your table. You will receive easy pattern instructions once you press the proceed with order button. These instructions are also included in your confirmation email.
How may pieces will I get?
We usually make the pads for the main table in two pieces and one piece for each leaf. Some larger tables may require more pieces. The price quote box will tell you how many pieces you can expect.
How many folds will each piece have?
Most pads will fold once in half across the width. Some bigger tables require two or more folds. Contact us with any further questions by email or call us at 800-595-2292.
How long will my order take?
Completed orders ship within 2 to 5 days. We indicate a specific ship date in the price quote box as you fill out the order form. Once your order ships it will arrive in 1 to 4 days depending on your delivery location.
What if I need my order sooner?
This may be possible depending on your order and time of year. Contact us by email or call us at 800-595-2292.
Can I pick up my order?
Yes, if you live in the Chicago area you are welcome to pick up your order. Our hours for pickups are 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday. Our address is 3010 N. Oakley Ave in Chicago. Place your order by phone at 773-935-6400 or 800-595-2292.
Can I order a pad for my buffet, sideboard or server?
Yes. Check the add buffet pad box on the order/pricequote page.


Superior Table Pads are custom crafted to protect all your fine furniture.  Avoid costs of refinishing your dining room table, keep your buffet and end tables and all your furniture looking like new.  Great alternative to heavy and expensive glass-top tables.  Shipped direct from our factory in Chicago. 

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